About Canahari Summer School

    There is a need in our community to get our children and youths involved and become active members of our society. Canahari Multidisciplinary Summer Program is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide education and social programs and opportunities for school-aged children and youths of African descent (Black) from minoritized communities. This organization provides education, STEM, Arts, and culturally relevant programs to CASS students during CASS camp in July and August. Typically, CASS runs in July & August of every year, and Winter workshops in February during the reading break. CASS has received support from local, provincial, and national organizations such as The Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, the Community Initiative Funds, and the Canadian Periodical Funds. We welcome partnerships with organizations with immense experience in providing services and programs for adolescents and youth. This will help us reach out to children and youths in the core areas of Regina. Some of our activities include, but not limited


    • Art Movement – Dancekapaint, Singing
    • STEM
    • Entrepreneurial Training and Business Workshops
    • Ready for School Programs
    • Canahari sports team- Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Track and Fields team
    • Arts-Storytelling, drumming, photographic/ digital training
    • ElderRespect Activities- Indigenous teachings, Arts
    • Canahari Media Team- Publishers, Writers, Editors
    • MoneyTalk- economic, financial literacy training
    • Culture Education- cultural awareness training


    The goal of CASS is to advance multiculturalism in Saskatchewan by supporting and encouraging children and youths in Saskatchewan to share, learn, appreciate, respect and accept cultural diversity by:

    • Empower young people through STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Mathematics), (Dance, and multidisciplinary education) through:
      • Showcasing diverse cultural programs from different cultural groups in Saskatchewan
    • Engage diverse cultural societies and local organizations in Regina
    • Work with the organizations to provide learning opportunities and skill development opportunities
    • Develop New Skills, early childhood development, through sports and other arts and cultural activities.
    • Work with Elders, Black, and Indigenous organizations and communities to promote Black and Indigenous knowledge and history


    Parents Testimonials

    • "The kids were really engaged and the timing was perfect "- 
    • "It is amazing that each age group got what interests them".
    • "You guys were awesome... Thanks... God bless you all"